A.R. Homer

Tony HomerA.R. Homer has been fascinated with World War II all his life. A native of Birmingham, England, he grew up hearing stories of ration books and shortages, of the bomb that almost destroyed his parents’ house, and of his father’s service in the Royal Air Force.

As a history major at Oxford University, he developed a serious interest in World War II. Later, he moved to Normandy, France, where he occasionally gave tours of the battlefields, and he later turned his attention to historical fiction based on World War II. 

In 2006, he received the Distinguished Honor Award from the Military Writers Society of America for his critically-appraised book “The Sobs of Autumn’s Violins,” a tale about D-Day.  His latest novel, “Through the Dark Clouds Shining” is set in World War I. 

He and his wife, Carol, who designs his book covers, divide their time between New Jersey and Key West